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Lonnie Keene

Lead Pastor

Pastor Lonnie Keene is one of the founders of StrongPoint Church back in 1997, and serves as the church's Lead Pastor. He is a loving father & husband, as well as a published author, writing the book The Law of Loyalty.

About Me

Pastor Lonnie Keene

Here are a few fun facts about our Lead Pastor:

Family life:  Married Tracy in 1992.  Father to Deven [Taylor], Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Favorite movies:  A Few Good Men, A Soldier’s Story, Forrest Gump, and The Accountant

People who inspire me: Dr. David Ireland, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Pastor Bill Winston, and Pastor Steven Furtick

Favorite food: Fried chicken wings (well done please!)

Things that fascinate me: My wife — her smile, beauty, wisdom and strength and how she continues to grow more and more every day. It’s fascinating!

In my spare time I enjoy:  Watching basketball and Seinfeld

Favorite Books: Profile of a Leader by Judson Cornwall and The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done: Whitewater rafting in the Smoky Mountains

One thing most people don’t know about me: I’m introverted. I can play the drums. I’m a published author. I wrote the Law of Loyalty.

Pet peeves: Clothes hampers with clothes in them. Used dental floss not properly disposed of.


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