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Join us for a transformative message by Elder Rodney Palmer as he delves into the profound significance of giving. Discover the purpose behind the process of giving and the promise it holds for both the giver and the receiver. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights into the spiritual journey of generosity and the blessings it brings.

Join Pastor Lonnie at StrongPoint Church for a transformative message titled "The Recipe for Revival." Drawing insights from the powerful story of The Prodigal Son, Pastor Lonnie reveals the key ingredients to jumpstart revival in your life. Don't miss this opportunity to reignite your spirit and experience a profound transformation.

Join us for an enlightening YouTube live session, "Church Worth," as Pastor Lonnie dives into the enduring significance of the Church throughout history. Discover the profound value it holds in our lives, offering guidance, community, and spiritual growth.

We are excited to welcome Pastor Justin Enoch of The Warehouse Church in Parkersburg, WV to StrongPoint Church as a guest speaker. This week, Pastor Justin will talk about how teams that become champions think. Watch this inspiring message by Pastor Justin Enoch on the mindset of champion teams and be part of this transformative experience at StrongPoint Church!

Join us for a thought-provoking sermon titled "Teamable" with Pastor Lonnie Keene at StrongPoint Church. Pastor Lonnie will share what it takes for an individual to be considered "teamable" and how this quality plays a crucial role in achieving shared goals. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the dynamics of teamwork, collaboration, and personal growth. Like, share, and subscribe for more enlightening messages.

Join us for an enlightening message titled "The 'A' Team" with Pastor Lonnie Keene at StrongPoint Church. Pastor Lonnie will share insights on what it takes to work harmoniously and accomplish great things together. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the power of teamwork in faith and life. Like, share, and subscribe for more transformative messages.

Join Pastor Lonnie Keene for a special live session introducing StrongPoint Church's 2024 theme centered on teamwork. Explore the significance of unity and collaboration in faith. Get inspired for an extraordinary 2024!

Join us live at StrongPoint Church with Pastor Lonnie Keene for an enlightening message that explores the profound significance of the gifts brought to Jesus by the wise men. Discover the rich symbolism behind these presents and why they were deemed worthy of a King.

Step into the transformative world of Ebenezer Scrooge's story with Pastor Lonnie Keene at StrongPoint Church. In part three of our Christmas series, Pastor explores the character of Scrooge and valuable lessons for Christians during this holiday season. Don't miss this enlightening message that captures the spirit of Christmas.

This week, Pastor Lonnie Keene at StrongPoint Church unveils the magic behind 'The Christmas Story'. Whether it's The Christmas Story or your unique journey, every story is a good story. Join us this week to learn about the power of a testimony! Don't miss this festive message that celebrates the art of storytelling and the wonder of Christmas.

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