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Join us for Part 3 of Pastor Lonnie Keene's series "The Nerve to Serve". This message explores the powerful story of Joseph.

Join us for Part 2 of Pastor Lonnie Keene's series "The Nerve to Serve". This message explores the interesting story of David.

“Momma Used To Say” will have you reminiscing the wisdom from a mother while bringing you closer in your relationship with God.

In this Sunday message, Pastor gives some simple yet profound steps for a person to do when going through tough times.

Last week Pastor Lonnie spoke on the Resurrection Of Jesus. This message by Debbie Harris simply gives us some next steps for a believer after Jesus has risen.

After Jesus was buried they came to pay their respects to him at the tomb, but when they arrived the stone had been rolled away and the angel said: "He has risen, He is not here." In this message, Pastor Lonnie makes the correlation of how we have moved from some dead places to some amazing places in life.

In Part 2 of the Priorities series, Stories of Priorities, Pastor Keene shares four unique stories that Jesus used to talk about Priorities - check it out!

Today we are starting a new mini-series titled Priorities. In this first message, Pastor Lonnie preaches from Matthew 6:33 and teaches us that when we put God 1st we receive everything we need. Prioritize your relationship with God today and check it out!

In this week's message, Pastor Lonnie explains that "You Don't Look like What You've been through" by exploring the story of how three Hebrew boys came out of the fiery furnace as if they had never been in it.

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