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Join Elder Rodney Palmer for a key message on the importance of team unity. Drawing from Psalm 133 and insights from Friedrich von Schiller, Elder Rodney will explore how unity within a team brings clarity, consistency, capabilities, and prepares for victory. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 10:30 AM at StrongPoint Church!

Join us for an insightful message with Pastor Lonnie as he explores the various motivators in people's lives, including pain, power, passion, people, and pleasing God. Discover how these factors influence our choices and actions, and gain wisdom on navigating life's challenges with faith and resilience.

Celebrate Mother's Day with us as Pastor Lonnie shares lessons from Bible moms in his message titled "Lessons From Bible Moms." Join us as we honor and uplift mothers by exploring the wisdom and encouragement found in the stories of these biblical women. Whether you're a mother raising children or someone who wants to appreciate the mothers in your life, this message is for you!


Join us for an enlightening message from Pastor Jonathan Moore titled "Looking For Rain." Pastor Moore explores the significance of rain in the life of a believer and uncovers the blessings it brings. Discover the spiritual insights and encouragement to seek God's refreshing presence in your life.

Join us for an inspiring message with Pastor Lonnie at StrongPoint Church as we continue our series "Don't Stop Dreaming" with Part 3: "Dream Yet Another Dream." In this dynamic message, Pastor Lonnie reveals how God brings blessings into our lives through a multitude of dreams. Discover the power of dreaming and the fulfillment it brings to our journey of faith. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be inspired to dream bigger and pursue God's blessings in your life!

Join us for Part 2 of our series "Don't Stop Dreaming" with Pastor Lonnie at StrongPoint Church. In this powerful message, Pastor Lonnie explores how Joseph's time in the pit didn't hinder him from fulfilling his dream in the palace. Discover how to overcome pitfalls and obstacles on the journey to fulfilling your God-given dreams.

Join us for the kickoff of our new series, "Don't Stop Dreaming," with Part 1: "Wait For It" featuring Pastor Tracy at StrongPoint Church. In this winsome teaching, Pastor Tracy explores the fulfillment of dreams and the posture of a warrior in waiting. Discover how the Lord makes dreams come true and what it means to wait on God as a believer. Don't miss out on this inspiring message!

Join us for an enlightening continuation of "The Truth About Tithing" series with Pastor Lonnie at StrongPoint Church. In this message, Pastor Lonnie reveals the biblical truth and the transformative benefits of tithing. Don't miss out on gaining insights into this vital aspect of faith and stewardship.

Join Pastor Lonnie Keene at StrongPoint Church as he unpacks how the Resurrection empowers us to live a brand new life in Christ. Discover the transformative power of Resurrection in overcoming challenges and embracing a fresh start in your faith journey.

Join Pastor Lonnie Keene as he delves into the timeless story of the Prodigal Son, exploring the steps he took to rise up and embrace the life he was created to live. Get inspired to overcome obstacles and pursue your purpose with courage and determination.

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