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Christmas Series


Join us live at StrongPoint Church with Pastor Lonnie Keene for an enlightening message that explores the profound significance of the gifts brought to Jesus by the wise men. Discover the rich symbolism behind these presents and why they were deemed worthy of a King.

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Step into the transformative world of Ebenezer Scrooge's story with Pastor Lonnie Keene at StrongPoint Church. In part three of our Christmas series, Pastor explores the character of Scrooge and valuable lessons for Christians during this holiday season. Don't miss this enlightening message that captures the spirit of Christmas.

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This week, Pastor Lonnie Keene at StrongPoint Church unveils the magic behind 'The Christmas Story'. Whether it's The Christmas Story or your unique journey, every story is a good story. Join us this week to learn about the power of a testimony! Don't miss this festive message that celebrates the art of storytelling and the wonder of Christmas.

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Welcome to our new Christmas Series! In our opening message, "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year," Pastor invites us to embrace the true spirit of the season. This time of year isn't just about festivities; it's a profound period to reflect on and rejoice in God's goodness. Join us as Pastor explores the deeper meaning of Christmas, encouraging us to find joy, gratitude, and spiritual renewal in these moments.

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