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A New Series by Pastor Lonnie Keene


In Malachi chapter 3, we are instructed to tithe then God goes on to share a list of things that He’ll do In Return.

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Part 3 of this series, Return to Normal, is going to throw you for a spin by exploring the idea that what is normal to the Christian can be abnormal to the world.

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Welcome and thank you for joining us today for another powerful message in our Return Series. In part 2, Pastor explains how we’re living in a day where people are falling away from God and the Church and how it’s time for the Return Of The Christian.

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Join us in part one of the Return Series. In part one, Pastor Lonnie will be speaking on how sometimes God uses a book, a chapter, or a verse to change your life. Then, there are times when One Word from God can change your life.“

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