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Revival 2021


Welcome to Part 5 of our Revival Series and another great StrongPoint Church Worship! This week, Pastor talks about what it means to get up, or "Talitha Cumi".

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Thanks for joining us for another uplifting StrongPoint Sunday Worship. This week, Pastor dives deep into The Word to convey his latest message in the Revival series - He Touched My Coffin.

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Welcome to our Sunday Worship and thank you for joining us today! In today's teaching, Pastor Keene uses the story of the prodigal son to give us Part 3 of his Revival series - The Recipe For Revival.

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Welcome to our Sunday Service and Part 2 of Pastor Keene's Revival series- This week’s teaching will provide you with some great wisdom, deepen your faith and remind you that "It’s Time To Breathe Again."

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Hello 2021 and Hello to Pastor Keene's brand new teaching series, Revival! In Part 1 of this series Pastor talks about how you need to obtain a certain skill set to survive, thrive and have a revival in your life.

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