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Join us for Part 3 of our "At The Movies" series at StrongPoint Church, where Pastor Lonnie Keene dives into the essential lessons needed to achieve victory in life with the movie Karate Kid.

Join us for an inspiring Sunday Worship at StrongPoint Church as we kick off our new series, "At The Movies," with the message titled "Creed." Discover how to spiritually fight for victory in your life through this transformative teaching.

In this courageous message, ‘They'll Turn the Temple If We Don't Turn the Tables,' Pastor Lonnie Keene reminds us that the church, family, marriage, and everything in between has to be built on truth. Instead of building crowds, this message builds Christians by encouraging us to turn the tables of secularism, trends, and ideology.

Join us at StrongPoint Church for a profound message titled "God's Favor," delivered by Derek Baumann. Drawing inspiration from Luke 2:14, Derek will explore the profound concept of God's favor and its implications in our lives. Discover why God's favor is often perceived as unfair and how it transforms our perspective on blessings.

Join Pastor Lonnie Keene for Part 3 of our series, Good God, as he talks about “The God Father”. He explores the goodness of God the Father in the lives of His children. Discover the profound love, care, and provision that God offers as our heavenly Father, and learn how to experience His goodness in your life.

Join Pastor Lonnie Keene for Part 2 of our series, Good God, in "The God Factor," where we explore the powerful truth that with God, all things are possible. In this transformative teaching, discover the impact of making God a central part of your life's equation and learn how to experience the best life possible through faith in Him.

Join us for the kickoff of our new series "Good God" with Part 1: "The God Follower," where Pastor Lonnie delves into the transformative outcomes in a person's life when they choose to follow God. Don't miss out on this enlightening message that will inspire and empower you to deepen your relationship with God!

Join Elder Rodney Palmer for a key message on the importance of team unity. Drawing from Psalm 133 and insights from Friedrich von Schiller, Elder Rodney will explore how unity within a team brings clarity, consistency, capabilities, and prepares for victory. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 10:30 AM at StrongPoint Church!

Join us for an insightful message with Pastor Lonnie as he explores the various motivators in people's lives, including pain, power, passion, people, and pleasing God. Discover how these factors influence our choices and actions, and gain wisdom on navigating life's challenges with faith and resilience.

Celebrate Mother's Day with us as Pastor Lonnie shares lessons from Bible moms in his message titled "Lessons From Bible Moms." Join us as we honor and uplift mothers by exploring the wisdom and encouragement found in the stories of these biblical women. Whether you're a mother raising children or someone who wants to appreciate the mothers in your life, this message is for you!

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